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Troy Casting

Troy Cast Overview

Achilles: Brad Pitt
Hector: Eric Bana
Paris: Orlando Bloom
Helen: Diane Kruger
Odysseus: Sean Bean
Agamemnon: Brian Cox
Priam, King of Troy: Peter O' Toole
Thetis: Julie Christie
Andromache: Saffron Burrows
Briseis: Rose Byrne
Menelaus: Brendan Gleeson
Patroclus: Garrett Hedlund
Texan: Tamer Hasan
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Screenwriters: David Benioff
Music: Gabriel Yared
Director of photography: Roger Pratt
Production designer: Nigel Phelps
Producers: Wolfgang Peterson, Diana Rathbun, Collin Wilson
Release date: May 14, 2004