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Orlando Bloom Filmography - Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly Cast Overview

Ned Kelly: Heath Ledger
Supt. Hare: Geoffrey Rush
Joe Byrne: Orlando Bloom
Julia Cook: Naomi Watts
Dan Kelly: Laurence Kinlan
Steve Hart: Phillip Baranthi
Kiri Paramore: Alex Fitzpatrick
Aaron Sherrit: Joel Edgerton
Director: Gregor Jordan
Screenwriters: Robert Drewe, John M. McDonagh
Director of photography: Oliver Stapleton
Production designer: Steven Jones-Evans
Editors: Jon Gregory (II)
Music: Klaus Badelt
Costume: Anna Borghesi
Running time -- 109 minutes
MPAA rating: R (Australia, UK)
Working Title
United International Pictures
Release Date:March 26, 2004 (US)