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Orlando Bloom Biography & Fact Files
Orlando Bloom Facts
Full name: Orlando Bloom
Date of Birth: 13th January 1977
Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, England
Nationality: British
Lives: LA
Starsign: Capricom
Marital Status: Dating Kate Bosworth
Height: 5'11
Hair: Dark brown, naturally wavy
Eyes: Dark brown
Parents: Sonia and Colin
Siblings: 1 older sister - Samantha
Pets: A dog named Maude
Hobbies: Photography, sculpting

Orlando Bloom Biography
At age 16, Orlando dropped out of school, which he didn't particularly enjoy. He says, "As a kid I was dyslexic so I always struggled in school. I'm still mildly dyslexic." He then moved to London to kick-start his acting career. By age 16, Orlando had been with the National Youth Theatre for 2 seasons. He then landed himself a scholarship to train with the British American Drama Academy. Later, he joined the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he says he finally felt like he was receiving a real education, as opposed to at a regular school. Orlando says, "It was only when I went to Guildhall that I started to feel like I got a proper education. We would learn about Milton and Donne and read Chekhov and Shakespeare and that kind of inspired me."

He had bit-parts in British TV shows such as "Casualty" and "Midsomer Murders". His first movie role was a cameo in the critically acclaimed "Wilde", when he was 20 years old. His performance led to various movie offers, but he turned them down to work in the theatre industry for a few years.

He performed in many theatre plays during that period, including "The Twelfth Night", "Trojan Woman" and "The Seagull".

Then came the audition call for the casting of "The Lord of the Rings" triolgy - he originally auditioned for the role of "Faramir" by videotape. A few months later Peter Jackson (Director of LOTR Trilogy) and his business partner Fran Walsh met up with Orlando personally. Again he went on videotape, this time directed by Peter, for the role of Faramir. Later on Peter phoned Orlando's agent and asked if Orlando would read for the role of "Legolas Greenleaf" as the role of Famamir (which went to Aussie actor David Wenham) would not be available for him. Orlando read for the part and a few weeks later he was offered the role.

Orlando spent 18 months in New Zealand filming the epic trilogy. Since then he has filmed Black Hawk Down, Ned Kelly, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Calcium Kid. Orlando is currently filming Troy in Malta, co-starring alongside Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. In Troy Orlando plays Paris, the character who instigates the Trojan War that triggers an epic battle between Achilles (Pitt) and Hector (Bana).

Orlando Bloom was born January 13th, 1977 in Canterbury, Kent (England) and was raised there with his sister, Samantha. Up until recently, it was believed that Orlando's father was South African lawyer and novelist Harry Bloom, but in an interview with 'The Face' magazine, Orlando revealed that his real dad was his supposed legal guardian Colin Stone. Up until he was a teenager, Orlando had believed Colin was nothing more than a close family friend, until his mum revealed that he was in fact his biological father. Orlando says, "I found out that Colin was my father not Harry, but Colin," said Orlando. He explains further: "When my father (Harry) died, Colin Stone was made my guardian. He was always a close family friend but I always thought Harry was my biological father."

Although the very busy Orlando has often said that his only major relationship was "with his work", he is currently dating Blue Crush actress Kate Bosworth. In the past, it was rumoured that he was once engaged to model/make-up artist Jemma Kidd.

His hobbies include adrenaline sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping (which he did while filming in New Zealand), paragliding, surfing and snowboarding. He enjoys all sorts of music, especially folk singers such as Ben Harper, David Gray and Bob Dylan.

He stands at 5'11, has olive skin and dark brown hair and eyes. He has 2 tattoos, including the number 9 tattooed in Elvish script on his forearm and a sun on his lower torso.

A few years ago, Orlando suffered a devastating back injury when he fell three floors from a drainpipe while at a friend's apartment. He spent several days in hospital and seriously contemplated the possibility of having to live his life in a wheelchair. Miraculously, he walked from the hospital several days later and fully recovered from his injuries. Orlando has said that the accident made him slow down a lot in his life and tries to look at it as a positive thing as opposed to a negative thing. He says, "It made me appreciate things more. I try not too take myself too seriously. I feel fortunate to be doing everything that I'm doing. I feel quite privileged to be an actor, I think it's unbelievable that I'm being paid to do something I love!"

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